we are no longer available on www.rvvedu.com/rvvedu.in , for some spam and hacking problem the only website of rashtrya vishwa vidyapeeth institute website is www.riiemooc.com ( iilp mode ) student can visit the website for admission, enquiries, verification RIIE is an autonomous institute regd. under 1950 in mumbai... RIIE is an accredited member of icde, ciac commission and iso 9001:2008 certified institution under dubai accreditation center . RIIE is not granted by ugc it is an academically independent self financed institution conducting industry based professional program ....... RIIE Mumbai provides free industry based education up to higher level, especially to the candidate belonging to BPL CARD HOLDER & Scheduled Tribes.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1 What is RIIE?
Answer: The RIIE INSTITUTE MUMBAI was established by the act 1950 of the Govt. of Mumbai under the Guidelines of National Education Policy 1986 and program of action 1992 Government of India. RIIE INSTITTUTE MUMBAI is an ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Internationally Accredited Institution registered in NSDA, MSME, and associated member of Confederation of International Accreditation Commission- CIAC. Indian Association of Teacher Educators (IATE), Indian Society for Technical Education and Quality Council of India (QCI), World Accreditating Board of Online Universities (WABOU) and Proud Member of International Council for Open Distance Education (ICDE) . RIIE INSTITUTE MUMBAI works in the field of online and distance education in India as a pattern of International Standard of ODL System under the guide line of icde.. rvv is not granted by UGC/AICTE The RIIE INSTITUTE MUMBAI is an academically independent self-financed autonomous certification body offering various Industry Integrated Professional Vocation & Job Oriented Diplomas & Certification Courses through IILP, online, part-time mode in Traditional, Management, I.T., and Computer Science. RIIE To Educate the working professionals and enhancement of their professional skills in the field of IT & Management through Industry based learning program for working professionals.

Q 2. What is Distance/Correspondence Education?
Answer: Distance/Correspondence Education is a field of education that focuses on the pedagogy, technology, and instructional system designs that aim to deliver education to students who are not physically on site.

Q: 3 What is the speciality of RIIE INSTITUTE MUMBAI, Mumbai (RIIE INSTITUTE MUMBAI) Institute?
Answer: RIIE INSTITUTE MUMBAI, Mumbai (RIIE INSTITUTE MUMBAI) is a learner-centered provider of professional and academic courses with a winning edge.

Q: 4 What is the mode of study at RIIE INSTITUTE MUMBAI?
Answer: RIIE INSTITUTE MUMBAI provides two modes of study (online , part time) . At RIIE INSTITUTE MUMBAI, we provide Course materials as well as an option for Online study. Student can choose according to their comfort.

Q: 5 What extra study supports do RIIE INSTITUTE MUMBAI provide?
Answer: RIIE INSTITUTE MUMBAI has a journal dedicated to deliver concurrent advancements of Business Management called Management Times. Further, we do have a dedicated online support where students can clear their doubts about the course or study materials with our eminent faculty. Students will get Online materials and they will be supported with an exclusive Student Portal where they will get all the details of their course.

Q: 6 Are RIIE INSTITUTE MUMBAI courses approved by AICTE or UGC?
Answer: RIIE INSTITUTE MUMBAI provides certificate courses and are NOT approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) or University Grants Commission (UGC).

Q: 7 What is a remedy for clearing confusions related to assignments and courseware of RIIE INSTITUTE MUMBAI?
Answer: RIIE INSTITUTE MUMBAI has an online guidance team to help our students resolve any difficulties arising regarding the assignments and/or courseware.

Q: 8 A student has not taken up a Home study course. Can he really learn by Distance Learning?
Answer: Yes! Every year millions of students are completing Home study courses worldwide. Using modern methods, students can get to learn in the comfort of his/her home.

Q: 9 Can a working professional join RIIE INSTITUTE MUMBAI Distance/Correspondence study courses?
Answer: Yes, as the courses at RIIE INSTITUTE MUMBAI can be studied from home only, it is well suited for working professionals to join in. Q: 10 Does RIIE INSTITUTE MUMBAI guarantee jobs after the completion of the course?
Answer: No ethical college guarantee students jobs anyway. Best Training and preparation towards your career objectives are what we provide.

Q: 11 What is Fast Track program?
Answer: Fast track option is a method by which a student can complete his/her opted course in by our study scheme like WECPS, RPL

Q: 12 Will the fees be refunded anyway?
Answer: In general terms fees will not be refunded after the student has commenced his/her course of study.

Q: 13 How to make the program fee payment?
Answer: Towards the program fee payment students are requested to send a demand draft or cheque or NEFT /online transfer. The demand draft should be in the favour of- RIIE INSTITUTE MUMBAI, Mumbai, payable at Mumbai.

Q: 14 Will the student get a receipt for the course fee paid?
Answer: Yes, on the payment of full program fees/ installment fee/exam fee, students will get receipt in their portal.

Q: 15 Can a student change his/her specialisation that he opted initially?
Answer: Yes, a student can change his/her specialisation on special request by paying some specified amount of money within a stipulated period of time.

Q: 16 How are the materials of study distributed to the students?
Answer: The study materials are delivered to RIIE INSTITUTE MUMBAI students to the address provided by the student via courier or registered post and they will be supported by Online materials also.

Q: 17 Does RIIE INSTITUTE MUMBAI provide any online guidance/assistance?
Answer: Yes, RIIE INSTITUTE MUMBAI does provide online guidance and assistance. The students are supposed to log on to the website and post their queries. Once a student is enrolled, he/she will get access to RIIE INSTITUTE MUMBAI exclusive "Student Portal" and "Online materials".

Q: 18 I have not completed my school education; can I opt for any of the courses?
ANS: Students who have not completed their high school education can enroll for Bachelors of Preparatory Program (BPP). Successful completion of this program makes the student eligible for taking up any one of the graduation programs being provided by RVVIILP. BPP is a 3 months program being offered by the University.

Q: 19 I can’t leave my job, is it possible to study while I work?
ANS: Yes, RVVIILP Programs for Working Professionals come with an advantage where a student can continue with his job and still manage to learn. The entire learning process is convened digitally so as to provide the learner with a classroom like experience as well as making the learning available to him anytime –anywhere.

Q: 20 Is the certificate valid in any other university other than RVVIILP?
ANS: RVVIILP is an autonomous institution under the guidelines of International Council of Open & Distance Education valid in all online universities in India & Globally. The student is identified as a qualified graduate by all.

Q: 21 Can I pay my fee in installments?
ANS: Yes, you can pay the fees in instalments. Please contact the HR Department for more details.

Q: 22 When Will I get the content?
ANS: Within 48 hours of the student paying the fees and completing his registration process, the academic team will provide him with an exclusive user ID and password to access the content that is available on our Learning Management System (LMS). The student shall also receive a special Lurnaid Card which shall provide him the content on his mobile phone through the learning app.

Q: 23 What is the examination pattern?
ANS: The RVVIILP programs include continuous assessments, home assignments, on-job practicals and term exams that include multiple choice and subjective questions.

Q: 24 Can I take a break in between the course and restart whenever I want?
ANS: The graduation program being offered by the University has been modularly designed. The students may opt to take a break and rejoin at the end of each academic year.

Upon successful completion of the first year, the students get a Certificate of completion. Upon successful completion of the second year, the students get a Diploma Upon successful completion of the third year of the program, the student gets a Bachelor’s Degree from the Institution.
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