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The Rvviilp has put across an innovative Bachelors Preparatory Program (BPP) to help students who have not been able to complete their formal schooling. The BPP program works as a bridge course for students to enroll themselves into the Bachelor’s Degree Program. like BA & B.Com No requirement of any academic qualification. Students of 18 years or more who can read and write hindi or other regional language are eligible to get admission in this course.The Bachelor’s Preparatory Program is in no way equivalent to 10+2 or any other examination. This is only the internal system of this institute which prepares the persons who studies deprived of any eligibility for admissions and who aspire to be graduated for further studies.

Minimum Duration: 6 Months
Maximum Duration: 2 Years
Course Fee: Rs. 1,500
Minimum Age: 18 Years
Maximum Age: No bar
No formal qualification

Code Subject Credit
BPP11 General Matheamatics 4
BPP12 Commerce 4
BPP13 Social Sciences 4
Detailed Syllabus
BPP11---General Mathematics
UNIT I: Numbers-Why Learn Mathematics?
UNIT II: The World of Numbers
UNIT III: World of Fractions
UNIT IV: Decimal Fractions
UNIT V: Algebra-Algebraic Expressions
UNIT VI: Counting Without Counting
UNIT VII: Permutations and Combinations
UNIT VIII: Geometric- Some Basic Concepts
UNIT IX: Flat Shapes
UNIT X: Symmetry and Tilings
UNIT XI: Studying Three-Dimensional Objects
UNIT XII: Mensuration
UNIT XIII: Coordinate Geometry
UNIT XIV: Handling Investments and Data
UNIT XV: Commercial Mathematics
UNIT XVI: Handling Data, Probability

UNIT I: Basic Concept of Accounting- Nature of Business, Nature and Scope of Accounting
UNIT II: Basic Accounting Term and Concept
UNIT III: Books of Account-I Accounting Process and Rules
UNIT IV: Journal, Ledge
UNIT V: Books of Account II- Subsidiary Books: Cash Book
UNIT VI: Banking Transactions and Three-Co
UNIT VII: Bank Reconciliation Statement- Other Subsidiary Books,
UNIT VIII: Trial Balance
UNIT IX: Final Account-I- Basic Concepts Relating to Final Accounts
UNIT X: Capital and Revenue, Trading Accounting,
UNIT XI: Manufacturing Accounting
UNIT XII: Profit and Loss Accounting
UNIT XIII: Final Accounts –II- Balance Sheet,
UNIT XIV: Adjustment in Final Accounts,
UNIT XV: Final Accounts with Adjustments,
UNIT XVI: Rectification of Errors

BPP13 ----Social Sciences
UNIT I: Basics- Social Sciences: Perspectives and Inter-relationship
UNIT II: Role and Relevance of Social Sciences
UNIT III: Society through the Ages: Global Perspective
UNIT IV: Modern India- The Making of Modern World
UNIT V: State and Society in India
UNIT VI: Struggle for Independence in India
UNIT VII Indian Constitution – Basic Characteristics
UNIT VIII: Contemporary Society in India: Change and Continuity
UNIT IX: Governance in India: Issues and Challenges
UNIT X: Indian Economy – Basic Features of Indian Economy
UNIT XI: Indian Development Experience
UNIT XII: Ecology and Environment: Issues and Challenges
UNIT XIII: Socio-economic and Gender Discrimination
UNIT XIV: Democracy –Demographic Challenges
UNIT XV: Democratic Processes in India: Challenges
UNIT XVI: Contemporary World
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