we are no longer available on www.rvvedu.com/rvvedu.in , for some spam and hacking problem the only website of rashtrya vishwa vidyapeeth institute website is www.riiemooc.com ( iilp mode ) student can visit the website for admission, enquiries, verification RIIE is an autonomous institute regd. under 1950 in mumbai... RIIE is an accredited member of icde, ciac commission and iso 9001:2008 certified institution under dubai accreditation center . RIIE is not granted by ugc it is an academically independent self financed institution conducting industry based professional program ....... RIIE Mumbai provides free industry based education up to higher level, especially to the candidate belonging to BPL CARD HOLDER & Scheduled Tribes.
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Global trade management Hotel house keeping
Security and intelligence management Accommodation management
Accommodation operations & services (house keeping Airline ticketing and travel agency management
Bar and beverage management Business organization & management
Process outsourcing Cabin crew and hospitality management
Commercial practice commodities market
Communication skill & personality development Drug store management
Export and import management Export marketing
Food & beverage service Beverage management
Food preparation and culinary art Food production & culinary arts
Food production, bakery & confectionery Hotel and culinary arts
Hotel front office operation Hotel management, catering & nutrition
International marketing management Modern office management
Modern office management and secretarial practice Multi-model transport [containerization] and logistics management
Nursery technology and orchard management Office administration
Office organization and management Patisserie (bakery & confectionery)
Personality development and soft skills Rail transport and management
Reception operations & services (front office) Restaurant service management
Rooms division management Total productivity maintenance
Guiding and escorting skills Trading in financial management
Transport economics and management Ngo management
Pharmaceutical management Nursing administration
Health administration Rural development
Police administration Disaster management
Services management Tea management
Intravel management Business communication
Business finance Chef’s management
Coastal zone management Computer aided management
Cooperative management Corporate and industrial security management
Digester & national security management Education management
Entrepreneurship development Fitness management
Health care management Hospital operation management and medical tourism
Integrated marketing communication International business for young managers
International strategy Management (lighting technology and energy management)
Management insurance sector Management – development and sustainable finance
Personnel management and labour welfare Pharma management
Pharmaceutical management Pharmaceutical marketing
Product management Radio and broadcast management
Retail operations management School leadership and management
Service sector management Teaching and research in management
Total quality management Total quality management
Diploma Specialization in Computer Science
Computer aided design and drafting specialist Architecture technology
Infocomm technology Computer programmer
Software development and technology entrepreneurship Administrative office associate
Software engineering technician Computer systems engineering
Information technology networking Website development
Business computing Computer science administrative data processing
Web design 3D modeling for animation & games
Web design 3D modeling for animation & games
Information technology (digital media) Visual & game programming
Game art & design Computer science network management
Computer programming Computer software
Computer teacher training Computerised accounting
Industrial software development Product and interface design
Adobe softwares Telecommunication engineering
Production engineering Robotics
Petrochemical engineering Metallurgical engineering
Instrumentation engineering Fire engineering
Environmental engineering Web technologies
Computer programming and system analysis Computer commercial application
Pigment and paint technology Thermal power plant engineering
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