we are no longer available on www.rvvedu.com/rvvedu.in , for some spam and hacking problem the only website of rashtrya vishwa vidyapeeth institute website is www.riiemooc.com ( iilp mode ) student can visit the website for admission, enquiries, verification RIIE is an autonomous institute regd. under 1950 in mumbai... RIIE is an accredited member of icde, ciac commission and iso 9001:2008 certified institution under dubai accreditation center . RIIE is not granted by ugc it is an academically independent self financed institution conducting industry based professional program ....... RIIE Mumbai provides free industry based education up to higher level, especially to the candidate belonging to BPL CARD HOLDER & Scheduled Tribes.
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Employment Verification

Anyone can apply for verification of original documents issued by the institute.
Individual / Companies / Organisations / Officials / Govt. departments / Embassies
who would like to verify the authenticity of the academic documents may have to follow this procedure:
1. Please fill up and submit the below mentioned online form.


Write a mail providing email id, postal address, phone number, roll no, course and session to
info@rvvedu.com /rvvedu.verify@gmail.com (For verification)
2. Also attach self attested photo copies of your documents.
3. Normal period of time required for verification 15-30 days. Time may vary from case to case.
a) VERIFICATION BY FAX / Telephonic / Normal post / Courier / Speed post / Registered post WILL NOT BE ENTERTAINED
b) Only Online application for verification will be entertained by the institute.
c) It will be the sole discretion of the institute to accept or deny any application. No other authority will have any control in it.
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